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Part 1: Utah

When: August 14-17, 2019
Where: Oil Life | 1364 Pleasant Grove Boulevard | Second floor | Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Part 1 Training is focused on creating the life you want. You’ll leave the training:

• Trusting yourself and your “natural knowing”
• Able to connect with others
• Empowered to change the critical aspects of your life, including finances and key relationships
• Experiencing accountability to yourself and others
• Awakened to the wonder and excitement of life

*As a graduate of The Training, you are welcome to revisit and staff any trainings you’ve completed, for free.

Day 1: 3:30 pm-9pm (bring snacks) Registration is 3:30-4pm
Day 2: 4pm-9pm (bring snacks)
Day 3: 10am-9pm (with breaks for meals)
Day 4: 10am-7pm (with breaks for meals)
All ending times are approximate.

Must be 18 years or older to attend.

Brett Harward is the Facilitator and is best known as the author of “Five Laws that Determine All of Life’s Outcomes.”

Questions? Please call Catherine at 307-690-6999 or email us at beyoutraining4@gmail.com

Eventbrite - The Training- Part 1

Part 2: Utah

When: Sept 4-7, 2019
Where: Quality Inn | 12033 State Street | Draper, UT 84020

While attending Part 2 you will learn:

• Who you are
• What your strengths are
• What you want to create in life

You’ll have more energy (because being who you aren’t is exhausting!). Most often this journey isn’t about learning new things, it IS about remembering and connecting with what you’ve long forgotten.

Part 2 builds on the lessons, breakthroughs, and foundation of Part 1 and continues the journey of connecting with yourself and humanity, and supports you in creating and living a life you love.

Check-in: Wednesday, 9:30am
Day 1: 10am-9pm (with breaks for meals)
Day 2: 10am-9pm (with breaks for meals)
Day 3: 10am-9pm (with breaks for meals)
Day 4: 10am-7:30pm (with breaks for meals)
*All ending times are approximate

Questions? Please call Catherine at 307-690-6999 or email us at beyoutraining4@gmail.com.

Eventbrite - The Training- Part 2