"Be you part one for me was an opportunity where I spent 3 solid days with my younger Shelley at all different stages of my youth. It gave me a chance to remember who she is and to reconnect with her. Be You 2 is another 3 day opportunity where her and I were able to come together as a team to heal our wounds and bring forth our strengths so we can together Create our future as one"
- Shelley Clennin 

Shelley Clennin
Amanda Ashby
"I had the blessing of attending a training called "Be You" training. I will be forever changed by this experience. I am so excited for part 2. I am walking EAST from here on out and I am making the most amazing life. Changes and all kinds of cool things are coming my friends!!! I am so excited to SHOW you all who I am. Life is amazing! DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU THIS WEEK! GO AFTER LIFE!"
-Amanda Ashby 

"I can’t begin to express the change that we have experienced in our lives because of this training! I have seen miracles take place through people’s willingness to be open and go through this! I’ve seen others take this last chance at life’s journey working out and choosing life after this training! I went thinking I had myself figured out and what I learned is priceless! We aren’t alive to live, we are living to be alive!!! Who are You??!!!!If you are looking for a shift in your journey then hit me up for more information! You are worth it!!!!"
-Kellie Clark