The structure of “The Trainings” is created to support rapid and sustainable transformation; a combination that you simply can’t get by just reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video.

4 day Teen training/ropes course

3 of the 4 days are spent in a Training class room, and 1 of the days is spent in Provo at CLAS ropes course.

Your teens will walk away with NEW tools, and the ability to see options and choices.

Your teens will walk away with a room full of peers that become friends.

April 5 – 8 , 2023
Wed, April 5, 2023
Thur., April 6, 2023
Fri, April 7,2023
Sat, April 8,2023

“What I learned about myself from the training was, I didn’t allow myself to express emotions or cry. I learned that I had sadness that I stuffed down and wouldn’t express, and I found out that feeling and expressing emotions, like crying is ok, and in fact are important. I learned that feeling my emotions are just as important as breathing. I learned that I enjoy giving hugs.”

— Jordan (16 yrs)