“Our Vision”

We believe that people (all of us) are inherently AWESOME.

Seriously…AWESOME is the right word because we would be awed if we saw our capacity to achieve and to love. You would be amazed if you could see your true capacity to achieve and ability to love and be loved. We know you have it in you. We know we can help you bring that to the surface and change your life forever.

Are you willing to put in the work?

If 2 sessions could change your life, would you do it?

Sometimes life dims our awesomeness and we lose our confidence, worthiness, and joy. Often we become stuck or our relationships shift from being deep, exciting, and joyful to being hard and superficial. Sometimes we lose our passion for life and question our purpose and if we even matter. Painful experiences cause our trust in ourselves and others to falter. Disappointments cause us to be cautious even when life requires commitment. Worst of all, we start to see a lack of joy, passion, and connection as normal and tell ourselves that we are not built for that level of fulfillment.

But YOU are!

The Be You Training challenges YOU to see the best parts of you and of others.

It works through past hurts and beliefs you’ve picked up along the way that hold you back in life and in your relationships. It pushes you to explore your potential in life and rediscover your passion and confidence.

And it’s real. 

Graduates report major long-term improvement in their relationships, their finances and even their health. You will feel huge shifts in self-worth and confidence. More importantly, you are able to see the people around you clearly, without all the baggage from your past relationships and experiences.

It’s a refreshing reset in life that restores trust and connection with others.