Be You Training

What if 6 days changes your life?

Be You Training

What if 6 days

changes your life?

What is Be You Training?

The Be You Training consists of two 3-day intensives, with a 30-day gap between them. This program is designed to create a significant impact and is utilized by various high-performance coaches and personal development companies. Through our diverse range of modalities, programs, and services, we assist you in achieving both personal and professional growth. We firmly believe that everyone possesses the ability to grow and transform, and thus, we provide expert guidance and support to help you unlock your full potential.

Regardless if you are looking for a program like ours for yourself or as a tool for your organization. You have come to the right place.

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Additional Programs

From Keynotes to Curated Content for your teams we have something for every team size and budget.


Leadership Training

We offer 10 week virtual live leadership training as well as high performance coaching in a year long format for your top 12 employees.


Corporate Partnerships

Personal Development Companies, Coaches & Complimentary Communities have partnered with Be You Training to offer a white labeled experience to enhance their offerings. Imagine having clients and employees who are coachable and ready to do the work. All the heavy lifting is done in a minimum of our 6 days of Part 1 & 2.


Mindset Coaching

Learn from one of the best mindset coaches. From virtual programs to in person 2 day events we have solutions for your calendar and your.


Lunch & Learn

If you have ever had a motivational speaker fire up your team then you already know you need a blueprint for them to turn motivation into momentum. In as little as an hour our highly trained coach will shift your team's awareness to identify lack from abundance.


Meet our Founders & Facilitators

Our team is committed to delivering a life changing experience with lasting effects

Brett Harward

Founder & Part 1 Facilitator

Tony Child

Co Founder & Part 2 Facilitator

Jared McGrath

Part 2 Facilitator

Our Vision

We believe that people (all of us) are inherently AWESOME

Seriously…AWESOME is the right word because we would be awed if we saw our capacity to achieve and to love. You would be amazed if you could see your true capacity to achieve and ability to love and be loved. We know you have it in you. We know we can help you bring that to the surface and change your life forever.

Are you willing to put in the work?

If 2 sessions could change your life, would you do it?

Sometimes life dims our awesomeness and we lose our confidence, worthiness, and joy. Often we become stuck or our relationships shift from being deep, exciting, and joyful to being hard and superficial. Sometimes we lose our passion for life and question our purpose and if we even matter. Painful experiences cause our trust in ourselves and others to falter. Disappointments cause us to be cautious even when life requires commitment. Worst of all, we start to see a lack of joy, passion, and connection as normal and tell ourselves that we are not built for that level of fulfillment.

But YOU are!

The Be You Training challenges YOU to see the best parts of you and of others.

It works through past hurts and beliefs you’ve picked up along the way that hold you back in life and in your relationships. It pushes you to explore your potential in life and rediscover your passion and confidence.

And it’s real.

Graduates report major long-term improvement in their relationships, their finances and even their health.

You will feel huge shifts in self-worth and confidence. More importantly, you are able to see the people around you clearly, without all the baggage from your past relationships and experiences.

It’s a refreshing reset in life that restores trust and connection with others.

See Our Pricing Offer

Part 1 & 2

$3,000 usd

This training is focused on creating the life you want

  • For ages 18+

  • 6 day Program broken into two sessions

  • Trusting yourself and your “natural knowing”

  • Able to connect with others

  • Empowered to change the critical aspects of your life, including finances and key relationships

  • Experiencing accountability to yourself and others

  • Awakened to the wonder and excitement of life

After attending Part 2, you will…

  • Know who you are

  • Know what you want to create in life

  • Have more energy (because being who you aren’t is exhausting!)

  • Be clear on the ways you prevent yourself from getting what you want

Part 3

$5,000 usd

You will leave Part 3 training knowing…

  • 6 Day Program broken into two sessions

  • How to enroll others in your vision.

  • How to lead teams.

  • How to have influence.

  • How to take vision and turn it into reality.

Who is Part 3 For?

  • Leaders

  • Business Owners

  • CEOs

  • Management

Teen Training

$800 usd

This Training is designed to interrupt thinking of unconscious patterns that affect every significant relationship in life

  • Ages 13-17

  • 4 Day Program

  • Journey that is engaging and involved

  • Examination and Exploration of self limiting beliefs and assumptions

  • Rediscovery of authentic self

  • Responsibility & Accountability

  • Creating Healthy Relationships

  • Making Memories Having FUN

Be part of our staff


Brian Smith

Founder, UGG

Meeting Tony has led to incredible new ways of thinking in my life. Pivot Point was one of the best experiences to open me up to new ways of thinking. Tony’s Be You Training exceeded all of my expectations and really took me to a level of learning about myself that I had not reached before.

Heidi Mcnulty

mom, Real Estate & Tech Investor

15 Million dollar real estate portfolio

My Be You Experience was LIFE CHANGING. The way I show up in the world is TEN times better that I did a year or two years ago, everyone needs this training, its a life changing event. It helps you tap into who you are in your soul. Be You Training should be the basis of our education system.


Graduate & volunteer staff

Through my own experience completing Part 1, 2 & 3 and staffing numerous times, I trust the Be You Volunteer Staff with the ones I love the most. I have experienced my relationships and bonds strengthen as a result of their completion of Be You Training.


Is this for Couples?

YES. Couples and Families have successfully completed our programs either at the same time or separately. The most common feedback is a couple sharing a new appreciation for their partnership, more love, more open communication and more security using a new language they both share. For Families we have had as many as four generations complete our program. Developing a new language gives a family unit a completely new operating system.

What if I can't attend the scheduled Part 2 after my Part 1 training?

Your tuition covers both Part 1 & 2. If you cannot attend the following Part 2 you can jump into a future Part 2. There is value to complete your training with your original group. Our participants have had success either way.

Where is the training located?

Pleasant Grove, Utah. We can also offer out of state training for Corporate Clients. Ask us for our minimum requirements for travel.

What support is available after my training?

We offer free and small paid events to connect with our community. Several of our events are open to non graduates.We offer books, in person training, advanced trainings, online programs and 1-on-1 coaching for you or your corporate teams.

I want my friend, spouse or coworker to attend Be You Training. How did I get them to say YES!?

It is easy to identify the people closest to us as someone who could greatly benefit. Occasionally it is really hard to find the words to start that conversation. Let our enrollment coordinator facilitate that conversation. Call, Text or Email to make that introduction.

How do I staff a future training?

You can apply to staff a future training HERE

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